Wallet and DXS Troubleshooting

Wallets are independent third parties

DXS allows users to trade directly from their wallet. These wallets are independent services run by companies unaffiliated with DXS. Sometimes these services experience technical difficulties which can result in a poor trading experience on DXS.
The best way to resolve any issues quickly is to message the wallet provider directly as well as notify us on the DXS support chat.

DXS is frozen or lagging!

90% of issues can be solved by clearing your cache.

What if I lost money because of a glitch or bug?

We have a dedicated bug fund and will refund any losses incurred due to the trading engine malfunctioning, such as:
  • An order being opened at an incorrect price due to a delay in the broadcasting of the transaction
  • A stop-loss failing to trigger as it should (including liquidation of a position due to the failure of a stop-loss)
  • Inability to close a trade which then causes further losses
or due to issues with the price feed, such as:
  • an incorrect price feed liquidating a position
DXS unfortunately cannot compensate for lost profits or loss of opportunity due to platform, blockchain or price-feed problems. We don't have a fund that covers this risk.

What is the bug fund?

1% of all realized losses on DXS accumulate in a bug fund. The bug fund is used to refund traders that lose funds due to bugs on DXS.

My profits don't reconcile

Please go to settings, account, export history on DXS. You will be emailed a report containing all your position details.
We are aware that there is currently an issue with sending these reports to Hotmail and Yahoo email users. We are working on a fix.

How do I contact support?

Please go to settings, show support chat on DXS.

Why doesn't my wallet balance match DXS?

You need to increase your wallet's spending limit. Shown below for Handcash wallet:

Can I switch wallets?

Each user can make use of multiple wallets to login and trade at DXS.
You can link them in the app by logging out with one wallet and logging back in with a different wallet on the same device.
You can then switch between wallets in-app using the 'switch account' option in the menu:

Why did I receive my margin back after opening a position?

Margin is automatically returned if the trading amount limit is exceeded.

Money Button isn’t working for me?

On iPhone/safari:
  • Log out of Money Button and DXS
  • Got to Safari settings and clear history and website data
  • Turn off blocking all cookies
  • Turn off preventing cross site tracking
  • Turn off blocking pop ups
  • Then go to Money Button and log in
  • Then go to DXS and log in

How do I change language?

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