DXS Is an Open Book

DXS is completely public, transparent and auditable

As traders, we’re looking for profit.

Unfortunately for most traders, traditional CFD brokerages are also looking for profit. In almost all cases, broker interests do not align with trader interests.

The common theme with most CFD brokerages is that the less information they give you, the more of your money ends up in their pockets. You never know:

  • How much liquidity is available for large winning trades

  • Whether the price feeds are legit

  • Whether your stop losses or liquidation levels were actually triggered by authentic market movements

  • Whether your trade executed at a certain price or if the broker will later announce there was serious slippage

At DXS we think the trading game is difficult enough without all these question marks. That’s why we run everything out in the open.

DXS uses the blockchain

DXS is unlike any other trading business you may have dealt with before. Every action is logged on the BSV blockchain. DXS is the user interface. The BSV blockchain is the settlement engine and audit log.

Every transaction you make is immutably logged, time-stamped and has a unique identifier that makes it easy to independently audit.

There cannot be any arguments over the details of a transaction. DXS cannot pretend that a transaction didn’t occur, or change the amounts involved in DXS's favour. Every transaction is publicly attested and auditable.

DXS is not the arbiter of truth. The blockchain is the arbiter of truth. As such, DXS traders can have rock-solid confidence that nothing dodgy is going on.

You can’t get this anywhere else.

Confidence in the platform means more trading activity, which means more fees for DXS. It’s the fundamental equation that underpins everything we do.

Session liquidity

The best example of DXS's transparency is session liquidity.

Session liquidity is the amount of money currently available to pay out winning trades. It’s displayed clearly in your trading session window:

By keeping an eye on the session liquidity, you can make sure that there is enough money to pay the profit on your winning trades. If you see there isn’t enough in the current session, you can hold your trade over to the next session when liquidity is refreshed, and close your trade then.

This is unique to DXS, and gives you an advantage you won’t find anywhere else.

On other trading platforms, when situations of low liquidity arise (and they do), you will never know until it’s too late. You go to withdraw your funds and find that they don’t actually have enough to pay you.

Open and transparent session liquidity at DXS gives you unbeatable control over your profits.

Profits end up where they belong – in your wallet.

Liquidity pool

Our transparency goes further than real-time current risk and session liquidity.

We also show you the size of the DXS liquidity pool, which is the total of all the funds that public liquidity providers have invested in order to earn returns on the day-to-day operations of the trading platform.

We show you the moment-by-moment balance of the liquidity pool, which is the total amount available to pay out profits to winning traders.

And we give you the wallet addresses for the hot wallet and the cold wallet that hold all the funds for the platform.

Every transaction into or out of these operating addresses is public, verifiable, and auditable.

We can’t hide anything.

You can check the numbers for yourself at the end of day settlement, when profitable trades are settled against losing trades, and the remainder is distributed automatically by the protocol to the liquidity providers and the liquidity pool.

This way, whether you’re a trader, a current or prospective liquidity provider, or just curious, you can observe all the operations and balances of DXS running out in the open in real-time.

It just doesn’t get any more transparent than that.

It’s a massive advantage for the traders and investors at DXS.

And it’s a massive advantage for us, as a beacon of openness and transparency in a world that is short on trust.

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