Prices, Spreads, Slippage

Where are the prices coming from?

DXS is receiving a feed of the mid-price from real-world markets. The mid-price is the midpoint between the lowest ask price and the highest bid price.
In the case of GOLD below, the mid-price is coming from OANDA. DXS takes this mid-price and derives a synthetic bid/ask (highest buy / lowest sell) spread. Shown below for GOLD:
The synthetic highest buy is $1,847.62. If you want to go long (buy) this pair, this is the rate at which your trade executes. If you want to go short (sell) this pair, the lowest sell is $1,847.18.
The bid/ask (buy/sell) spread ensures that every position opened starts out at a loss. Note that DXS makes no profit from price spread, instead session liquidity gets all the benefits of a price spread.
If you buy the above asset at the buy rate and then close at the sell rate, you will make a small loss. The degree of this loss is relative to the size of the spread.

How do I know DXS uses fair exchange rates?

The asset prices you see on DXS are streamed via reputable providers.
You can always check the exact instrument name, and the exchange where it is traded, on the data tab available for every asset. With this information you can verify if current and historical prices match the official source.

Are there any spreads on DXS?

Yes. On any exchange you need to account for price spread when using a stop loss. Wicks are often very wide, but in our case we have separate charts for bid and ask prices - use the one that is most convenient.
Spreads are synthetic, calculated by applying an algorithm to the price movements. Spreads widen with increasing volatilty and can widen dramatically and instantly in response to violent price moves.
Check the spread in the market data box before you open a trade.
Reminder: You always get the best market price on every asset. We don’t add a hidden markup or make profits from price spreads in any other way.

How do switch between bid, mid and ask price?

Select the relevant option from the top menu of the TradingView chart:

Is there price slippage on DXS?

​DXS is a slippage-free platform. The price that you click on is the price that you get, irrespective of position size.