Chief Executive Trader

This is your chance to showcase your trading skills, share your journey with others, and potentially earn a great salary and trading profits!

The Chief Executive Trader dedicated website is here.

We are on the lookout for the perfect candidate to become our Chief Executive Trader (CET). As our CET, you will receive a $1,000/month salary and up to $5,000 in trading capital to trade on DXS. But that's not all! You get to keep any profits you generate from your trades, giving you the potential to earn even more.

To become our CET, you must be passionate about trading and committed to educating others within the community. You will act as a brand ambassador for DXS, promoting our platform and creating content to share with the community.

Why should I care?

Because being a professional trader is a dream job! However, becoming successful is a difficult journey of self-discovery and losses suffered along the way can be painful. What if you were paid to trade? What if you could keep the profits and were sheltered from the losses? That's what is up for grabs if you become our Chief Executive Trader!

How do I join the DXS Trading Hero campaign?

To join the campaign, please follow @DXSapp on Twitter, like & retweet the campaign post, share a 30 sec video on why you should be selected, and tag @DXSapp.

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Do I need to be on Twitter to participate?

Yes. Participants are to submit their campaign entry videos via Twitter, and @DXSapp will provide regular campaign updates via Twitter.

Can I join the campaign with multiple social media accounts?

No. All participants must join the campaign with a single verifiable social media account. Entries detected to have multiple accounts will be disqualified.

How do I share my video entry?

Do a 30 second creative video telling us why you deserve to be selected, post it on Twitter, and tag @DXSapp.

How will I know if I am selected for the campaign?

@DXSapp will share updates about selection and campaign progress via Twitter. Follow @DXSapp for regular updates.

What do I need to join the campaign?

The campaign requires you to have relevant trading experience, an active email account, and good internet access.

What is the cash prize for the campaign?

The winner will earn a monthly salary of $1,000 for up to 12 months and gets up to $5,000 of trade capital for trading on

Are there rewards for participants who didn't win?

The first runner-up (2nd position) will get $300 trade capital, and the second runner-up (3rd position) will get $150 trade capital.

Where can I see the campaign terms and conditions?

📑pageCET Terms and Conditions

What trading platform is hosting the contest?

The campaign is hosted and sponsored by DXS.

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