Trade Straight From Your Wallet

By allowing traders to trade directly from their wallet, DXS has made the trading experience as simple as possible

Bitcoin enables a new breed of applications.

Peergame outlines this perfectly in their post: What BSV entrepreneurs should do:

β€œWhen we first launched Peergame, we showed our product to a bunch of friends and potential investors. We told them how we removed the entire funnel of user registration, data submission, email verification, sign-in, payment account creation, deposit, withdrawal permission and processes, time delays, and so on. These are all unnatural steps that have become normal. You do not register or submit information when you enter a store to buy food or an arcade to play games. You simply visit, pay, and get what you want, which is what Peergame emulates.”

At DXS, we subscribe to Peergame’s philosophy. Products are made better via negativa. You add to a product’s appeal by subtracting unnecessary steps.

Get HandCash

Go to the HandCash website to download:

Open DXS

You can find DXS inside HandCash's app store:

Select asset to trade

DXS has a huge range of assets to trade: crypto, commodities, stocks, indices and FOREX:

Select buy or sell

You can go long or short any asset you wish:

Select position size

Open a position size as small as 1c. Specify your leverage:

Confirm trade

Select 'Send BSV' and BSV is instantly sent from your wallet to collateralize your position:

Your trade is open!

You can see your trade in your open positions:

Accounting - funds out

Here's the margin going out of Handcash:

Accounting - funds in

Here's the margin balance instantly returned when the position is closed (position was closed at a small profit so the entire margin balance is returned, less transaction fees):

The DXS advantage

You trade straight from your wallet.

Trading straight from your wallet makes it possible to eliminate all the old-school account management pain points:

  • You no longer need to supply your bank account details, have them verified, send funds, and then wait for the funding transaction to settle. Just connect your Bitcoin wallet instantly. Your money stays in your wallet

  • No minimum deposit or trade size

  • No withdrawal hassles. We don't have your money. There's no account. Your money stays in your wallet

DXS thinks that you should be the only one in control of your funds, at all times. Your money should be available for you to use however you want, not stuck in a custodial account at a broker or exchange where they can invest it, lend it, leverage it, or even use it to trade against you when you open a trade.

We don't want control of your money!

We want to concentrate on making trading simple, cheap and fair.

The way it should be.

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