⏱️Holding Fees

What are holding fees?

A holding fee is accrued every 8 hours, counted separately from the time that every position is opened. When the position is closed, the accrued fee will be deducted from your position margin.

Unlike any other trading platform, the holding fee does not affect your liquidation price. The liquidation price is calculated based on gross position P/L, i.e. before fee. It also means that you can hold your position for a very long time without the risk of getting liquidated due to the fee.

This holding fee is different for every asset class:

There are no trading fees or any other charges besides liquidity fees (but only beyond certain profit tier limits).

Holding fee example

Have a look at the below BSV/USD short trade. The trade was open for 45 trading sessions (15 days):

DXS made 0.000805 BSV in holding fees on this trade. The summary is below:

If 10x leverage had been used in the above trade, the position size would have been 1 BSV (10x bigger). Holding fees are charged on position size, so in this scenario, holding fees would have been 0.00805 BSV.

Where can I see the holding fee for each market?

When looking at a particular asset's chart, click on the top link to view market data including the holding fee rate.

If I am using leverage does that multiply the holding fee that I pay every 8 hours?

Yes, the fee is applied to the total position amount, including leverage. If you used a 5x leverage, you will pay 5x the holding fee every 8 hours.

Can my position get liquidated because of the holding fee?

No. Holding fees and liquidity fees are only paid when the position is closed (either manually, by trigger order or by liquidation). The holding fee or liquidity fee accrual on any open position does not affect your liquidation price.

In the case that the holding fee and/or liquidity fee exceeds margin and profit to be returned, DXS suffers the shortfall.

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