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Trade Sizes

What is the minimum position size?

The minimum trade size on DXS is one cent. The minimum margin commitment on DXS is one cent.

What about profits less than 1c?

Given that the minimum trade size on DXS is $0.01, what happens when a trader makes a profit of less than $0.01? The answer is that DXS holds the sub-cent profits and aggregates them until they at least exceed $0.01, at which point payment is made to the trader's wallet.
The same mechanism is true for small positions that are closed at a loss and require margin return of less than $0.01. Sub-cent amounts are simply held and aggregated until they at least exceed $0.01.
Aggregated sub-cent amounts show as part of the trader's 'Unsettled' balance on the account tab of DXS:

What is the maximum position size?

In the market data section for each asset listed on DXS there is a ‘User Amount’ field:
This is the maximum position each user can take on this particular market across all wallets. Remember, position size includes leverage.
Swapping wallets does not reset this limit.
Expect this number to increase as the liquidity pool grows.

What is the minimum deposit size?

There is no need to deposit funds into DXS. Traders trade on DXS directly from their wallets, only paying the margin balance for each position they open.

What is the maximum amount of profits I can make on DXS?

Profit is only limited by the session’s liquidity value, which is updated in real-time and can be found in the trading session window.
This amount is calculated as total trading losses in the current 8 hour trading session combined with 0.33% of the liquidity pool.
If your profits exceed session liquidity, all profitable positions closed in the trading session will be equally deducted using the profit deduction engine built into the Open Liquidity Protocol.