🔪"Scalping" Limits

Why implement limits targeting scalpers?

DXS offers features that stand out in the trading world, such as zero slippage, no fees, and the fastest risk management ever created. These features, amongst others, have made it possible to adopt a nearly risk-free trading approach focusing on small market movements, a technique known as "scalping." Applying this technique on DXS can result in success rates of over 90%, a feat not achievable elsewhere. This underscores the exceptional opportunities and tools DXS offers.

However, to ensure that these advantages benefit a wide range of users and to encourage a variety of trading styles, we've implemented specific restrictions on scalping. This move aims to preserve the platform's value for everyone while fostering a diverse trading environment.

How do scalping limits work?

Each trader on DXS is assigned a variable scalping frequency limit, ranging from 5 to 80 profitable scalping trades allowed over the last 7 days (a 7-day trailing period). This means if a trader exceeds their allocated number of scalping trades within this timeframe, restrictions will apply.

What trades qualify as scalping?

A trade is considered scalping if it capitalizes on a market movement of less than 0.1% to 4.0%, with the exact percentage depending on the specific market and its volatility. The exact threshold will be prominently displayed in the respective market data information box.

What happens if you exceed the scalping limit?

Should you surpass your designated scalping limit by closing too many scalping trades, the profits from any additional scalping trades beyond this limit will not be recognized (will be "voided"). Every time this occurs, you will be directly informed and given the option to delay closing, ensuring your profit is not voided.

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