DXS 2.0

A new, improved version of our trading app was launched on May 23. It features enhancements to speed, efficiency and energy consumption, along with added and improved features.

This comes hot on the heels of the recent integration of USD denomination to the platform.

Our hard-working team of designers and developers are steadily making their way through an enormous work list as well as attending to the bug fixes that are inevitable with reiteration of the platform, and we thank you, our loyal traders and investors, for your patience and for drawing issues to our attention.

The DXS community is the key driver of continuous DXS platform improvement and your contributions are extremely important to us.

What’s New?

  • The new domain name is DXS.app.

The existing TDXP.app will remain running in parallel while we bed down the new version.

  • Updated system framework - front-end code refactoring delivers a faster, more responsive, 2.5 x more productive platform

  • Reduced energy consumption

- Good efficiencies achieved to reduce the battery draw from mobile platform



  • New theme: Twilight.

    • Try it, it looks great!

  • Shortcuts

    • Configure the shortcut buttons on your homescreen by highlighting the star next to the options in the menu.

  • Switch account

    • You can now switch between wallets without having to log in to the other wallet (provided the wallet allows that functionality)

  • Stop Loss Management

    • Positions with a stop loss can now be identified more easily with a new selection of buttons:

  • New menu design and layout

  • Improved market updating

    • Data loading and updating has been optimised - no more delays and timeouts.

  • Update Market feature has been added (in the Account menu) which will immediately update all the markets available for trading. This feature, and any other menu item with a star next to it, can be highlighted to make it a shortcut on your home screen.

  • More efficient data transfer using mobile

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