One Cent Positions on DXS

Open trade positions as small as one cent on DXS

Trading can be a lot of fun, and a way to earn good money.

But a lot of the big crypto platforms take all the fun out of it with expensive fees and minimum trade sizes that are much too high for many to afford. On some platforms, minimum trade sizes can be as much as $100 per trade.

It doesn’t really need to be that way, it’s just that people have become used to it.

Trading shouldn’t be a game that only the rich can play.

It should be open to anyone that wants to have a go, but existing models make this impossible.

DXS has solved this problem.

By building our CFD trading platform on the BSV blockchain, we can take advantage of tiny transaction fees, making $0.01 transactions (positions) economically feasible.

Additionally, we remove the added costs of custodial management and account keeping by allowing your wallet to login to DXS.

These infrastructure decisions allow you to open a trade on DXS with a single cent.

Check out this minimum trade size comparison of the biggest crypto trading platforms vs DXS:

You can trade as small as you want. It opens up the world of trading to all those that have been locked out until now by high minimum trade sizes and expensive trading fees.

Here’s a one cent trade with 30x leverage on the Gold price. The trade was opened and then manually closed moments later. One cent of margin (collateral) was sent from Handcash wallet and returned (less a small loss) instantly:

It’s incredibly exciting for DXS to be a part of this new, never-before-possible economy that is springing to life due to the power of microtransactions. It effectively brings a whole range of economic opportunities within reach of a large chunk of the world’s population that was previously locked out.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into trading but didn’t think you had enough money for it, you’ll love DXS.

You can get started learning to trade safely by micro trading on DXS. Make real trades, on live markets, with tiny amounts of money.

DXS is the quickest and easiest place to do it. No accounts, no deposits and no passwords. Just click-through from your wallet and you're on and trading in seconds.

Try and open a one cent position for yourself!

Note: as any transaction fee is paid out of the value of the transaction, any amounts smaller than the transaction fee (currently 250 sats or around $0.0001425) cannot be sent. We are working on a fix for this.

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