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What is DXS?

DXS is a trading platform that allows users to trade 100s of global markets directly from their Web3 wallet:

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What assets can I trade with?

Why is DXS better?

DXS takes advantage of two new technologies / paradigms to vastly improve upon the traditional CFD (see next section) trading experience:

  1. Blockchain allows for cheap, instant, transparent settlement

  2. Web3 wallet login eliminates the requirement to create and fund user accounts

Practically speaking this means: no sign up, no deposits or withdrawals, instant trade settlement, 1 cent minimum trade sizes and complete transparency of the DXS liquidity / settlement engine.

What is a CFD?

A contract for difference (CFD) is a very popular type of financial derivative. A CFD is a contract between a buyer and a seller. The buyer agrees to pay the seller the difference in an asset’s price. The difference is the change in asset price between opening and closing the contract.

CFDs are the most popular form of derivative among retail traders. CFDs allow for a trader:

  • To bet on price moves – up or down

  • To use leverage (borrow money to hold a larger position size)

  • To trade a huge range of markets

Additionally, CFDs are cheap to trade and do not have a termination date (like a swap).

What does DXS stand for?

Distributed Exchange System.

Where can I view DXS stats?

Go to the DXS stats page:

What is DXS's value proposition?

  • Retail traders get targeted on real asset markets by institutional money. Retail traders are better served trading on derivatives markets, like DXS. Trades are not entered on real asset market order books and do not form targets for big money to wipe out

  • DXS does not profit when traders lose, unlike traditional market makers. DXS only benefits from holding fees

  • The OLP (Open Liquidity Protocol) ensures unbiased, transparent and objectively auditable liquidity provisioning

  • DXS is a very low cost trading platform. DXS don’t have to secure a source of liquidity (it plugs into OLP). DXS don’t have to manage client balances or connect to the existing financial system. Lower costs manifest as cheaper trading for DXS's users

  • No deposits, a position's margin payment is made straight from the trader's wallet. Therefore there are no withdrawal fees

  • DXS provides risk management features that competitors do not, such as the current risk indicator

Are there any APIs at DXS?

We don't plan on providing API infrastructure, because we don't plan to allow bots to trade on the platform.

DXS liquidity is dedicated to human traders. We want real users. This creates a far more welcoming platform for people interested in trading against other people.

Is DXS decentralized?

Full decentralization is well underway. Today the Open Liquidity Protocol (OLP) custody the individual trades (margin balances), but don't custody user wallets.

Why does DXS use BSV?

In order for DXS to be the product we dream it can be, we need three things from a public blockchain:

  1. Tiny transaction fees

  2. Instant settlement

  3. Proven scale at layer one

  • Near zero transaction fees allow for micro trading. Traders can open one cent positions on DXS

  • Instant settlement removes the requirement for accounts and deposits. Traders can open trades instantly from their Web3 wallet of choice. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees

  • Proven scale at layer one allows all information to be logged on an independent data layer (the BSV blockchain). Not only does this allow for traders to own their own data, it allows for objective audit of all actions on DXS. This makes DXS the most transparent trading platform in the world

Where is DXS registered?

The activities of DXS the trading application are executed through Saint Vincent and the Grenadines entity where licensing of CFD Brokerages is not required. This jurisdiction is used by a number of bigger and longer established competitors in the business (e.g. PrimeXBT and SimpleFX).

Going forward, DXS intends to expand the geography of services and set up structures in specific jurisdictions, allowing clients from additional countries to use DXS without breaching existing regulations.

Who is the team behind DXS?

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts with over 30 years of entrepreneurial, technological and financial experience combined.

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